Spongebob Terminatorpants

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I’ve never thought of combining the Terminator with Spongebob Squarepants, but that doesn’t mean that this combo doesn’t look good.

lego spongebob squarepants terminator toys rack911

If the fact that the beloved Spongebob has been turned into a Terminator isn’t disturbing enough, when you flip it around, you can actually see that Spongebob Terminatorpants is actually a machine that’s meant to be driven by an army LEGO people. This unusual LEGO build was made by AFOL member Rack911 Haung, who clearly has an imagination.
lego spongebob squarepants terminator toys rack911Inside, there’s a control room, watch room, weapons room and storehouse that can be accessed when you turn it around. Despite the weirdness of it all, I have to say that it put a smile on my face.

[via The Brothers Brick]