Star Trek TNG Uniform Lounge Pants Are Perfect for Comfort in Your Quarters

Before you know it, ice cold temperatures will be here, and you will want some nice, warm pants to lounge around in. These Star Trek TNG Uniform Lounge Pants look geeky and warm. These are perfect for hanging out over the coming holidays thanks to an elastic stretch drawstring waist, perfect for eating big meals.

There are pockets on the front for your stuff, and they are offered in Security Blue, Command Gold, or Engineering Red,  color schemes. Though if you buy the red pants and go on an away mission you will probably be disintegrated in the transporter on the way back. Each pair also has pips on the right side showing your rank with red offering captain pips, blue commander pips, and gold Lt. Commander.

Each pair sells for $24.99 at ThinkGeek and they come in sizes from Small to Extra Large. Like most pants of this sort, they are very long with small offering a 42″ outseam, so expect them to be baggy and casual.