Star Wars Painting: the Colors Are Strong in This One

As a child, Robert Burden was amazed by the action figures he had – G.I. Joes, WWF wrestlers, Star Wars characters. Now that he’s all grown up, Burden makes paintings of his childhood love in an attempt to re-capture the awe that he felt as a youngster (and to make a few bucks as well). And boy can Burden paint. This is one of his creations, a painting titled The Birth Of A Jedi:

robert burden the birth of a jedi painting

And this is the birth of The Birth Of A Jedi:

Awesome. You can buy a 20 x 30-inch print of the painting at Burden’s site for $400 (USD); you’ll also get a smaller print and a hoodie for free. While you’re there, take a look at Burden’s other work. Be sure to pick up your jaw off the floor before you leave.

[Robert Burden via Forever Geek]