Steampunk Dalek Cake Toppers: Wedding Cake! Wedding Cake!

There is no better way to exterminate the past and usher in the future, and celebrate the institution of marriage with Daleks. As long as the Doctor doesn’t show up and ruin everything anyway. There’s nothing worse then a Dalek-themed wedding where the Doctor crashes it and blows up the Daleks because he thought they were misbehaving, only to then look around and see his mistake and apologize. Wedding ruined.
dalek topper
… at least until the good Doctor changes history and makes it right again and invites you all into the TARDIS that is. It’s all better now.Now it’s a crazy timelord party. And all thanks to a Dalek cake topper from Etsy artist gammarayrobots, who has lots of other cool stuff too.

This topper will set you back $95(USD) which is a complete bargain compared to what the rest of your wedding costs.

[via When geeks wed]