Street Fighter 4 Cell Phone Strapya Joystick: Combo Moves on the Go

The Japanese have managed to create an entire cottage industry out of selling crap you can hang off of your cell phone known as “Strapya”. The latest Strapya: this Street Fighter IV mini arcade joystick.


The tiny controller actually yells out samples of your favorite character’s voices when you pull of their combo moves using the mini joystick and game buttons.

Here’s a handy guide so you can practice. I’m sure it’ll be really easy to perfect your combo moves on that tiny little joystick…


The SFIV Strapya are available in Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Ken and Ryu versions and can be pre-ordered for September delivery over on Strapya World for ¥1260 (appx. $13 USD) each. And if you have don’t have a cell phone with a little loop for attaching one, that’s okay. Any keychain should do just fine too.