Streetview Zombie Apocalypse: Run From the Undead in Your Hood

Google Street View is a cool thing to use to check out your own neighborhood or to go on virtual tours of places you might want to visit at some point. But other than checking out landmarks and seeing your house from street view or satellite view there isn’t much to do with Google Maps as a standalone app.

A new game has turned up that uses the Google Maps API, and Street View to let you run from zombie hoards. The game is called Streetview Zombie Apocalypse. You can put in your address and then the game starts with little red markers on the map that are the zombies.

As you move with the arrows on the screen, the zombies change you and try to eat your brain. You have to navigate away from them and try to survive. The game is a beta offering (it works best in Google Chrome), and it appears from my brief playtime you can just stop and the zombies lose track of you.