This Beanbag Chair Is Designed to Be Filled with Stuffed Animals

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Because who has room in their home for a beanbag chair AND a pile of stuffed animals, Creative QT designed the Stuff ‘n Sit stuffed animal storage beanbag chair. So it’s not really a beanbag chair, is it? It’s more a stuffed animal chair. Or, even more accurately, an empty piece of zippered fabric.

Available in three different models (27″ toddler, which holds about one laundry basket of stuffed animals, 33″ large which holds two, and 38″ extra-large which holds around three), prices range from $24 – $35 (affiliate link) depending on size and exterior pattern. The company also encourages you think outside the bag and not just fill the chair with stuffed animals, but also unused dress-up clothes, towels, blankets, and extra pillows. Cookies and candy? Probably not.

Granted it’s probably not the best idea to fill the chair up with action figures, but they’re all I could find. As a matter of fact, I’ve already got it about half-filled. I mean I’m really not sure why my roommate kept all these original Star Wars action figures in their packages anyway.

[via DudeIWantThat]