Sweded Video Game T-shirts: Concept Farts

Here’s a fun idea for a gamer gift. Several NeoGAF forum members, egged on by member dog$, made custom video game-themed t-shirt designs that are funny, witty and most of all, ugly. The t-shirts are based on a custom clothing shop called CustomInk, which has an online T-shirt design tool. The rule of the thread? Only use CustomInk’s stock art for your design. Here’s one of dog$’ mighty contributions:


That of course, is based on the trailer for Final Fantasy XV. Here’s another complex design, from AlexMeloche:


Others used in-game references to amp up the humor, such as this one by Amorbis:


Some poked fun at video game controversies or glitches, such as this one by Webhead:


Some like DryvBy went way back for their references:


And then there’s BurritoBushido:


There are a couple of truly cool ones though, like this one by ichtyander:


…and this one by Funky Functionality:


Here’s mine. It’s nowhere near as good as the NeoGAF ones though. #BrokenLords #DustRulesEverythingAroundMe.


Set aside an hour of your life and give it a shot on CustomInk’s website. You can also browse NeoGAF for more inspiration.

[via Polygon]