Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa: The Chicken is the Shell

As much as I like to talk about weird foods, I somehow missed this new Taco Bell invention that was announced back on January 10. That is sort of ok because it only showed up at Taco Bell locations yesterday. It’s called the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

The thing here is that the chicken is the shell and the shell is the chicken (at least that is how Taco Bell describes it). Essentially you have a chicken patty fried up all curved to hold the condiments to the chicken chalupa. Inside the thing, you can get the regular taco fillings like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, along with a special avocado ranch sauce.

You can get just the Naked Chicken chalupa for $2.99 or you can get it in a combo box, which comes with a Doritos Locos taco, crunchy taco, and a medium drink for $5.