TARDIS Mini Dress and Leggings: Doctor Woo-Hoo!

Look at how tight that TARDIS mini dress is on that girl. I sure hope it’s bigger on the inside so she can breath. I vote that this should be the official companion uniform from this season forward. This sexy dress was released yesterday from Australian clothing company Black Milk.

tardis-topIt’s too bad we never got to see Amy Pond wearing this. Then again, the Doctor has enough distractions as it is. The company also had another release that is even sexier. These stretchable leggings give the TARDIS some nice curves.


As you might expect these don’t come cheap. A pair of TARDIS tights will cost you about $79.00(USD) and the Doctor Who dresses are about $100(USD). The look on every male’s face? Priceless.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]