Tatooine Sunset Maxi Dress is Geek Chic

Normally when I have to talk to my wife about tech stuff, I don’t use fancy tech talk like “router” or “modem.” I’ve learned from experience to just say “the thing in the bedroom with all the blinky lights.” Sadly, my wife doesn’t do the same for me when she talks about clothing.

For instance, she talked about something called a puffer vest for two hours once before I realized we were talking about clothing. Had she said that fluffy jacket with no sleeves, it would have saved me some frustration. I’m not sure what a maxi dress is, but if you told me it’s one of those loose, long dresses you wear in the summer, I’d know what you mean.

That said, ladies and gentlemen, here is a Tatooine Sunset Maxi Dress, which is to say a long, loose summer dress with a picture of Luke Skywalker’s speeder and two Tatooine suns printed on the bottom.


You can get one for $39.99(USD) at ThinkGeek. It’s no Leia gold bikini, but your gal will look hot in it. Ladies, this is the perfect way to turn a geek’s head; just don’t ask him how he likes your maxi dress.