Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie Has 32 Multicolored Tricks up Its Sleeve

ThinkGeek has turned another one of its April Fools jokes into an actual product. The Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie uses 32 multicolored LEDs and a speaker box to emit light and sound effects. The cool thing – or the dealbreaker, depending on how geeky you are – about the hoodie is that you have to activate the effects using hand gestures, as if you were casting a spell.


The hoodie has nine spells or sets of effects. There’s a fireball spell, a health restoring spell and even a water bending spell. The LEDs are attached to a hood assembly as well as to its inner sleeves. While most wizards use mana, this hoodie runs on six AA batteries, which you’ll insert into its built-in battery compartment. Skip to 1:25 in the video below to determine whether you have the moxie to don this robe.

You can get the hoodie for $120 (USD). Cast the browsing spell and head to ThinkGeek to order.