Tesla Coil Christmas Tree: Let’s Hope It Doesn’t Electrocute Santa

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Christmas trees haven’t changed much in decades, but this innovative Christmas tree blows all of the others away, thanks to the use of a Tesla coil.

Peter Terren made a similar tree two years ago, but he upped the ante this year with a 30-foot tree using a Tesla coil. Nikola Tesla is well known as the father of electricity.

The invention of the Tesla coil goes back to 1891. Today, these coils are mainly used for entertainment displays and educational purposes.

On his blog, Terren details how exactly he constructed this incredible looking tree. With that much electricity going around, you can bet that this won’t be popular inside homes, but it just looks plain amazing outside in the dark. I just wonder what kind of presents Santa will leave Peter Terren underneath this strange tree.

[via Neatorama via Make, photos by Peter Terren]