The Chill Bag is an Eight-Foot Bean Bag Chair

This jumbo bean bag chair looks pretty comfortable and cozy, but I’m not sure you can get back out of this thing once you sink in. Which is fine with me, because I’ll just stay there being comfortable. The Chill Bag measures a whopping 96 inches in diameter and 34 inches tall. You may find the bones of someone else inside when you climb up to get on it.

The Chill Bag is filled with an original and comfortable furniture grade memory foam blend, and covered with microsuede. It includes an ultra durable inner liner and a child safety zipper to keep the stuff inside from getting out. It will fit two adults, so they should actually call it the Netflix and Chill bag.


It is pretty much the perfect piece of furniture. It’s available from Amazon for about $500, and comes in a variety of colors.


[via TheGadgetFlow via OhGizmo!]