The Giant Omnibus of Superpowers T-Shirt: Chartman’s Costume

It must be insanely hard to come up with an original superhero these days, what with the hundreds – or perhaps thousands – of already existing ones. Is there any superpower that hasn’t been taken yet? Just looking at the graphic in Pop Chart Lab’s t-shirt must be enough to make a budding writer sweat bullets. Then prompt him to create Bullet Sweater, the ultimate worrier.


The intimidating chart collates 384 super-powered characters, from Superman to Silent Majority. As mind-boggling as that may be, even a casual comic geek like me knows that this is by no means comprehensive. Bullet Sweater isn’t here, for one thing.


You can order The Giant Omnibus of Superpowers t-shirt from Pop Chart Lab for just $20 (USD). As of this writing I didn’t see the graphic being offered as a print, but you can check out a large image of the chart here.


[via Nerdcore]