Game Over: We Have Found the Ultimate R2-D2 Figure

R2-D2 remains one of the best characters from the Star Wars universe and we all love an R2 action figure in any form. However, R2 figures generally have disappointed. They never capture everything that the droid can do, or include all accessories. Well, get ready to nerdgasm, because Sideshow’s Collectible’s 1/6th scale version looks like it has it all.


This Astromech droid has working lights, Holographic Leia, all of the little opening panels, Luke’s lightsaber and Jabba’s drink tray. This is the R2-D2 figure that we always wanted. Sure, it will be expensive, but it will be the best droid you ever owned.

Check out the video and then go count your money. Then sigh and keep saving, because you have to have this.

[via Action Figure Insider via Topless Robot]