Tzukuri: Sunglasses That You Can’t Lose

The worst part of having a nice pair of sunglasses is losing them. Especially if they were stolen from your checked bag, and every single American Airlines employee you talk to ignores you for about five months. Then, when they get tired of seeing your of angry notes on social media they send an agent to “go look for them” and SURPRISE! they can’t be found damn-near half a year later. They then send you a needlessly complicated form to fill out, only to receive it, wait 60 days, and send a letter telling you that you’re magically expected to have a receipt for some sunglasses that you received as a gift two years ago. Not to be weirdly specific or anything.


That’s why Tzukuri sounds cool. They aren’t just a pair of sunglasses, they also have a proximity sensor that communicates with your phone when in range to give you “warmer” or “colder” signals. It’s just like finding that last, very sneaky hidden object as a kid. If it’s out of range, your phone will at least tell you what the last location where they were detected. The developers also promise that there are other potential uses for the Tzukuri, including detection of nearby friends, sun-exposure measurement, and automatic adjustment of other devices based on the wearer’s proximity. I can dig it.

tzukuri_1Tzuruki recently opened up a round of pre-orders for the glasses, but has since closed the ordering window, so we’ll have to wait to see if and when they actually come out.