U.S. President Monster Action Figures: Fear to the Chief

You might think that only a real history buff would love U.S. President action figures, but anyone can get into these Presidential action figures as movie monsters. And besides, many of us think that politicians are freaks and monsters already.
monster presidents
These 8″ action figures take well-known U.S. Presidents and transform them into monsters. The names are the best: Like Zombush, Baracula and Lincolnstein to name a few. They are perfect to display at Halloween – or around Election Day.

monster presidents1
If you love monsters and love Presidents, these figures are for you. Re-elect these monsters at your own risk. And try not to scream on Election Day at the horror. They will cost you $24.99-$29.99(USD).

monster presidents2
[via Super Punch via Nerd Approved]