The Ultimate Medieval Beer Helmet Holds Two Flagons of Mead

There’s nothing more obnoxious than one of those guys with a pair of camouflage party pants and a hat that you can sip beer out of. But leave it to the geeks of the world to make drinking beer from a helmet just a little cooler.


Instructables contributor DucttapeNinja decided that the tacky sportsfan beer helmet needed a proper LARP-ing, and created this beer-sipping helmet thats’ based on Gimli’s helmet from the Lord of the Rings movies.


I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve seen armor that provides both head protection and ready access to alcohol – which is always a good thing to have around should you find yourself on the losing end of an axe fight.


DucttapeNinja thinks his helmet design could easily be applied to any helmet you’d like, so you could go for anything from a Beerba Fett, to a Sh*tfaced Spartan to a Daft Drunk with the proper helmet, and DtN’s Instructables beer helmet tutorial in hand.

[via DressedLikeMachines via Design You Trust]