Unity Project: The 20-in-1 Console

You think a hack that houses 8 consoles is insane? How about one super console that can play 20 different videogame formats? It’s called a PC with emulators Unity, a super console project by veteran modder Bacteria that will assimilate the circuit boards of 17 consoles but run from just one power supply and use just a single controller. I wouldn’t be surprised if its final form is a Borg cube.

master controller for unity project

As you can see, the appropriately named Master Controller really looks like its meant to work with 17 different consoles. Speaking of which, here’s Bacteria’s hit list:

bacteria project unity console list

You can skip to about 5:50 in the video to see Bacteria test the whole setup, but I highly recommend watching the beginning as well because the Master Controller itself is a creative hack, which includes the use of NES cartridges to switch console compatibility.

It’s a functioning videogame museum. Head to the Project Unity thread for more information.

[via Hack A Day]