Unpowered Exoskeleton: James Cameron, Eat Your Alien Heart out

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I’ve always wanted to see in real life the exoskeleton that Ripley used in Aliens. It looks like it almost has arrived. Skeletonics [JP] appears to be a college-level engineering project, but it does look pretty impressive. This is what they call a “passive” exoskeleton because it doesn’t have any servomechanisms.

skeletonics robotics exoskeleton japan

It’s supposed to only amplify the speed and reach of the wearer’s natural movements. Patch on a few plates and color, kind of like designing a suit of armor, and whammo, you get the exoskeleton from Aliens! Although that would make it pretty heavy.


The suit is made out of lightweight aluminum pipes and sheeting, allowing it to be powered by the person wearing it. Since the suit is light, it doesn’t impede movement and the wearer remains quite agile.

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