USB Airplane Tailfins Won’t Help Your Laptop Fly

If you are a fan of odd and quirky USB gear that serves a purpose you will like these new flash drives. The drives come from Bader Models and are offered with a bunch of different commercial airliner logos and colors.


Each of the flash drives looks like the tailfin off a commercial aircraft. They are about 2-inches high, and they have a USB plug on the bottom. Other than looking cool, the things have flash storage inside so you can keep up with backups and other data on the go.

It apparently doesn’t matter what logo you choose, the pricing is the same. A 4GB drive will cost $53, 8GB is $63, 16GB is $79, and 32GB is $120. The company doesn’t offer any information on what sort of NAND flash or hardware is used inside the drives. Some of them even have jet engines attached depending on the type of aircraft tailfin you choose.