15 Most Valuable Disney Collectibles

Since 1923, Disney has been sharing its stories with the world. Some have been cartoons, others feature films; all have had memorabilia associated with them. Fans of Disney often search for items to add to their collections, and based on their nostalgia and rarity, the memorabilia can come with a big price tag.

Now might be the perfect time to check through your home and see if you have any of these valuable finds.

1. Disney Black Diamond VHS Tapes

Image Credit: RootsJoint/Etsy.

Disney VHS tapes are hard to find in the modern world, but the rarest and most valuable ones are the Disney Black Diamond VHS tapes. If these tapes are sealed and in perfect condition, they can be worth thousands to collectors. One of the more sought-after tapes is Beauty and the Beast (1991).

2. Jack Skellington Head Prop

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

The head of Jack Skellington from one of Disney’s beloved classics, The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), is quite a valuable find in the market. Since the movie is a stop motion picture, about 400 heads were made for his facial expressions and motions. These were then sold. So, collectors and fans who would love a piece of the film, you may be able to find them floating around.

3. Charlotte Clark Mickey Mouse Stuffed Toys

Walt Disney with Charlotte Clark Mickey Mouse Stuffed Toys
Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0/Wiki Commons.

One of the first depictions of Mickey Mouse as a 3D stuffed toy was by Charlotte Clark. These versions of Mickey are very different from the adorable mouse we’re used to. Her toys are more mouse-like. She did produce several variations of these Mickey Mouse stuffed toys, but the earlier 1930s ones are worth the most.

4. The Band Concert Film Celluloid

The Band Concert Film Celluloid
Image Credit: Heritage Auctions.

As Mickey Mouse’s first-ever color film, the celluloid for The Band Concert (1935) sells for thousands at auctions. Most vintage Disney film celluloids are valuable to collectors, so if you can find one in pristine condition, you might have struck gold.

5. Early 1930s Disney Animation Posters

Mickey Mouse Mad Doctor Poster
Image Credit: Heritage Auctions/Wiki Commons.

There’s a separate market for vintage poster collectors, so it follows that vintage 1930s Disney animation posters are very collectible. To be sold at auction, these posters are usually well-kept and pristine. If not, they might go for a lower price. An example is the Mickey Mouse Mad Doctor Poster, which sells for over $100,000.

6. Vintage Disney Animation Cels

Image Credit: RKO Radio Pictures.

Disney animation cels also sell for a high price. A cel from one of Disney’s earlier famous movies like Fantasia (1940), Sleeping Beauty (1959), or Cinderella (1950), could sell for thousands of dollars. There are even copies and reproductions of the original, which also sell for a high price among collectors. Nothing beats the original, however.

7. Old King Cole Mickey and Minnie Window Displays

Mickey Mouse Old King Cole Animated Window Display
Image Credit: Van Eaton Galleries.

In the early part of the 20th century, advertising was more straightforward and handmade, which makes it more valuable in the modern day due to its rarity and fragility. Vintage Old King Cole Mickey and Minnie window displays are a great example of that. They’re made from papier mache and wood, which can be challenging to keep in pristine condition. A pair of these displays in excellent condition can bring thousands of dollars at auction.

8. Trail of the Unicorn Limousine Sculpture

Trail of the Unicorn Limousine Sculpture
Image Credit: Heritage Auctions.

A porcelain sculpture featuring all our favorite ducks in one—Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie—costs collectors about $80,000. Part of its value is due to its size. That and its immense details were expertly crafted by an English porcelain studio, Connoisseur of Malvern. Only about five of these exist, which drives up its value.

9. Mickey 75th Anniversary Elton John Statue

Image Credit: Gems of South Florida/ebay.

Many Disney anniversary statues sell for a valuable price. However, the Mickey 75th Anniversary Elton John statue is one of the most coveted. For Disney’s 75th anniversary, 75 celebrities collaborated with Mickey to create one-of-a-kind statues. Each statue was sold, and the Elton John version had the highest bid at $62,400.

10. 1940s Walt Disney Comic Books

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories
Image Credit: Disney Comics.

In the past, comic books were more widespread and were how most people learned about characters before they hit the big screen. As such, Walt Disney comic books from the 1940s are worth a lot these days. The first edition of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories goes for over $10,000 if it’s in excellent condition.

11. Vintage Disney Pez Dispensers

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

You might not think much of some candy dispensers at a glance. However, vintage Disney Pez dispensers can go for a lot among Disney collectors. If you can find a Mickey or Donald Pez dispenser, you may pay about $200 or so. The holy grails are the “soft-head” Pez prototypes, which somehow made it into the hands of collectors. These sell for thousands.

12. Vintage Disney Film Concept Art

Concept art for It's a Small World by Mary Blair On display at the Disneyland Hotel
Image Credit: Steven Miller – CC BY 2.0/Wiki Commons.

Before anything is ever produced, concept art is created, where creators, designers, or animators get to pitch and explore different styles before starting production or physically constructing the idea. One of the most valuable Disney concept art pieces is the “It’s a Small World” artwork by Mary Blair. This 14-by-17-inch print is a one-of-a-kind rarity.

13. Solid Gold Celebration Mickey

Solid Gold Celebration Mickey
Image Credit: Trip Advisor LLC.

This 2-foot statue is valuable because it is solid gold and was made to celebrate Walt Disney’s 100th birthday. The statue is 100 pounds of gold and one of the largest Disney statues made from the material. It has a value of about $4 million and is one of a kind.

14. Uncle Scrooge “McDuck of Duckburg” Limited Edition Bronze Statue

Uncle Scrooge McDuck of Duckburg Limited Edition Bronze Statue
Image Credit: Heritage Auctions.

It’s only fitting that a statue of Scrooge McDuck would be one of the most valuable Disney collectibles ever. The 15-inch statue even has dollar signs in his eyes and Duckburg coins. After its unveiling in 1997, this statue sold out immediately—only 50 were made. Carl Banks, the creator of Donald Duck himself, designed the statue.

15. Disney Sports Basketball for the Gamecube

Image Credit: Konami.

Retro gaming collectibles are a whole other ballpark. Even so, the Disney Sports Basketball for the Gamecube is highly sought after by everyone, especially if it comes with the manual, original box, and any of its original packaging intact. The game can be sold for thousands if you check all these boxes.

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