Volvorii E-Ink Shoe May Save Marriages

My wife and I have this ongoing feud over shoes. She has a plethora of footwear and tends to leave them right where I want to walk. Each time I trip on a pair, I threaten to make a bonfire out of them. Shoes are one of those fundamental differences between men and women. Women want all of the shoes they can get, while men usually have sneakers, black dress, and brown dress.

That is the extent of my shoe collection. When a new pair of sneakers comes in, the old ones go out. It’s the circle of shoe life. A new pair of shoes has turned up on Indiegogo that might just save your marriage.


The shoe is called the Volvorii Timeless and it is a high heel ladies shoe that has embedded e-ink displays. Those displays can be customized used integrated Bluetooth LE hardware and an app running on your smartphone. You can change the colors between black, white, and even put patterns on the shoe. What that means for guys is that one pair of shoes may mean your wife can get rid of the other 1,600 pairs she owns, but I doubt it.




Power for the hardware comes from an internal battery that charges wirelessly. The project is seeking to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo. You’ll need to pledge at least $249(USD) if you want a pair.