The Walking Dead Debit Cards: Because Zombies Don’t Carry Cash

Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they approve of your shopping habits. There’s nothing they can do about what you buy or don’t buy, but they can remind you that there’s more to life than shopping by showing you their dead and zombified faces every time you take that little plastic card out of your wallet..

..provided you’ve got one of these special edition prepaid debit cards, that is.

Walking Dead Credit Card1

The artwork on these cards is by the talented Charlie Adlard, who is currently the primary artist for Robert Kirkman’s highly-acclaimed The Walking Dead series.


The art might look familiar, but that’s probably because they’ve already been published in the comics or in the graphic novels that collect a set of issues of the series. My favorite one features the zombified versions of Rick, Michonne, and Andrea shown above.

Walking Dead Credit Card2

Which one’s your favorite?

Walking Dead Credit Card3

The Walking Dead prepaid debit cards are available online from At least they’re not credit cards – The Governor would be responsible for collecting any late fees.

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