10 Best Websites To Browse When You’re Bored at Work

Do you ever find yourself dazing off into space when you should be focused on responding to emails or checking your voicemails? Sometimes, we just need a little escape from reality and let our minds reset for a bit. These are some of the best websites to browse when you need a break or want to cure some worktime boredom.

1. GeoGuesser

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Are you a world traveler? Do you have a list of exotic places you can’t wait to visit? If that’s so, GeoGuesser will test your knowledge of world geography. This game gives you a picture of a random place in the world, and it is your job to figure out where it is. You might leave this game with a few more items on your destination list.

2. Mental Floss

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If you are a fan of learning random knowledge to impress your friends at the next happy hour, spend some time on the MentalFloss website. A full library of well-written articles on almost any topic you can imagine exists. There is one section where subscribers can submit big questions, and the writers will attempt to answer them. Some of these get a little wacky, so you’ll want to check it out.

3. HowStuffWorks

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This is the perfect website for anyone with a curious mind. Here, you can learn about how almost anything in the world works. You can learn how a steam engine opperates and then learn how to tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. Whatever that curious mind has cooked up there, this website will surely answer your questions and distract you from all of those work emails that have been piling up.

4. LifeHacker

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You can procrastinate your work responsibilities while learning how to be more productive in your personal life by spending some time on LifeHacker. Some of these life hacks will blow your mind and leave you wondering how you have survived all the years on the planet without knowing this information. Some pretty cool articles and videos also cure mid-day boredom and help you survive the day.

5. Wordle

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Wordle took the world by storm in the past few years. A simple word game that gives you six chances to guess a five-letter word. The game shows you what letter you guessed correctly, but not in the particular spelling order. You only get to play once a day, and you want to keep your winning percentage and streak active, so take those chances seriously. The game is very addictive and will give you a morning brain teaser to start your day on the right track.

6. Heardle

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Heardle takes a twist off of the popular word game Wordle. Instead of spelling a hidden word, Heardle gives you six guesses to pick the correct song based on the notes of the song. Each guess gives you a few more seconds of the song’s intro to make it easier. You will love this challenging and fun game if you are a music lover.

7. Sporcle

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Sporcle is one of my favorite websites for killing some time. They have an extensive library of quizzes that range from subjects like history, pop culture, sports, and geography. Pass the time by testing your trivia and puzzle-solving skills that might lead you down a rabbit hole as you escape your work responsibilities.

8. Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme
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Have you ever wondered why and how some of the classic memes have come to be? This website will give you all the details of the original poster, the post’s reason, and how it became a viral sensation. The site is basically a meme museum, so if you’re someone who sends memes back and forth to your friends every day, you should dive head-first into this random website.

9. The Oregon Trail

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You read that correctly. The classic computer game you most likely played in elementary school is back. Play the classic game where you attempt to lead a team in a covered wagon across the vicious Oregon Trail. Make sure you are ready for the grueling trail by stocking up on supplies. Personally, I just spent 45 minutes of nostalgic playing of the game before my wagon broke and my family died of dysentery.

10. Immaculate Grid

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This one is for all of you sports fans out there. The game gives you a 3-by-3 grid with random teams or subjects on the outside. On the inside, you need to match a player that matches the team and subject to the corresponding box. The game is incredibly addictive and frustrating at the same time. There is a new grid each morning, and it also lets you go back and play the archive of past games.

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