Wheeme Massage Robot: Therapeutic Toy Car

DreamBots Ltd. has a very loose definition of massaging. To them, as long as something is touching and roaming over your body, that’s a massage. The company is developing WheeMe, a quirky little massage robot that is essentially a toy car. The WheeMe has “fingerettes” – i.e. toothed wheels – that will “massage” you as the robot randomly roams over your body.

wheeme massage robot

The WheeMe does have one neat trick up its sleeve though – it’s equipped with a tilt sensor that prevents it from falling or losing its grip. Here’s an unconvincing video of the WheeMe in action:

No thanks. I’d rather have a massage robot with actual hands. Check out WheeMe’s website for more info, and some borderline NSFW pics.

[via OhGizmo!]