Giant NERF Gun Will Knock Out Your Soul

I’ve been involved in enough NERF wars to know you want to protect two specific parts of your body… or technically four. You protect your eyes and your balls. Everything else can take a hit with no ill effects. That’s not the case with the world’s largest NERF gun.


These giant suction cup darts will knock your soul straight out of your anus. Created by Mark Rober and the guys from Eclectical Engineering, this giant NERF pistol is powered by a paint ball canister designed to handle up to 3000 psi and hurls massive darts out the muzzle using 80 psi bursts.

It can launch pool noodles with plunger tops (these are the darts) at speeds up to 40 mph. I can only imagine the destruction that would happen if you shot your terrified foes with this thing in a neighborhood NERF war. I hope he doesn’t aim for the nads with that thing… or do I?

[via Nerdist]