Microsoft Outs First Xbox One Games at E3

After initially focusing on the TV and multimedia aspects of the Xbox One, Microsoft took the time at today’s E3 press conference to show off the gaming chops of their next-gen system.


Microsoft announced a number of impressive titles for the Xbox One, including several exclusive titles not previously revealed. Here’s a quick rundown of what we can expect in the first few months of the Xbox One’s life:

Ryse Son of Rome – Crytek – Exclusive – Available at launch. Features impressive cinematic graphics, epic battles and action swordplay, in a God of War style beat ’em up.

Killer Instinct – Rare – Release Date TBD. An amazing looking update of the classic fighter. Will also release a Mad Catz arcade controller to go with.

Sunset Overdrive – Insomniac Games – Exclusive – Release Date TBD. An open-world shooter/brawler, something like Crackdown or inFamous. Features cartoon style reminiscent of Jet Set Radio.

Forza Motorsport 5 – Turn 10 – Exclusive – Launch title. Features incredibly detailed cars, physics, lighting, paint and textures. One of the coolest features is “Driveatars” which allow your personality to continue driving in an online persistent world, based on your driving style.

Quantum Break – Remedy – Exclusive – Release Date TBD. Takes place in a world where a science experiment goes wrong and time stutters and freezes. Graphics look amazing, but it’s too early to understand the gameplay dynamics.

D4 – from Japanese game designer SWERY65 – Release Date TBD. A stylized, cel-shaded murder mystery.

Project Spark – Exclusive – Release Date TBD. A UGC-based “meta game”. Create and share your own environments, gameplay and creatures. Interface uses voice commands and SmartGlass. Looks like Microsoft’s attempt at a Little Big Planet, but much more action-oriented.

Crimson Dragon – From the maker of Panzer Dragoon – Release Date TBD. Looks like another similar dragon-flying shooter, and that’s alright by me.

Dead Rising 3 – Capcom – Exclusive – Release Date TBD. Features massive, detailed urban environments, huge zombie hordes, massive open environments. The weapon-crafting system looks epic, allowing you to improvise weapons and combine them into new and deadly implements.

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – CD Projekt RED – Release Date TBD. The latest in the fantasy RPG series, adds free-roaming in an open world. Has over 100 hours of gameplay, optional voice commands for combat, and SmartGlass inventory management.

Battlefield 4 – EA – Release Date TBD. The next-gen FPS runs at 60 fps, amazingly immersive real time and scripted events. Insane graphics. Water, smoke, haze, fog, massive interactive environments make this one of the best looking games shown to date.

BELOW – Exclusive – Release Date TBD – An indie “Rogue-like” top-down RPG with a unique graphical style.

Halo – 343 Studios – Coming in 2014. A reboot of the classic FPS franchise, running at 60fps. Not much is known about this title yet, but the teaser trailer is definitely worth a watch.

Titanfall – Respawn Entertainment – 2014 Spring release. A visceral multiplayer FPS, including giant mechs called titans. Looks like a ton of fun, but graphically not dramatically better than current gen.

Microsoft focused on the hardcore gamer at their E3 press conference, shying away from any mentions of the TV and multimedia features of the next-gen console. Surprisingly, they didn’t really show games using Kinect for anything other than voice control either, downplaying any casual gaming aspects of the system as well.

In addition to all of the games, Microsoft announced a November 2013 release date and launch pricing of $499(USD)/&eur;499(EUR) and £429(UK) for the console.