Yamaha’s Full Body Drum Kit

You probably know the name Yamaha. Among its many products, the company is known for producing motorcycles and musical instruments. It’s an odd combination that works well, but occasionally they like to experiment and one such experiment is called AH A MAY. That’s Yamaha spelled backwards.

For the project, the company switched up its motorcycle and musical instrument design teams, so that the musical instrument designers had to come up with motorcycle designs and the motorcycle engineers had to design new musical instruments.


One of the musical instruments that came out of this idea is the Raijin, which means “God of Thunder.” This drum kit surrounds the drummer’s body, so he or she can use their whole body to make music. It’s a truly unique drum kit, that requires the drummer to play drums 360º around their body.

I guess this is one way to become one with your instrument.

[via Core77 via Neatorama]