Guy Gets Yoda Tattoo with Glowing Lightsaber: The Ink Side of the Force

If you are into tattoos, you’ve probably seen some really awesome Star Wars designs, but have you ever seen one that has a UV glowing lightsaber? I didn’t think so. Well, as usual, the internet makes all of your dreams come true. Now you have.

This guy got himself a Yoda tattoo, but not just any Yoda tattoo. This one has a lightsaber that glows under black light. If you look carefully, you’ll also notice that Yoda’s eyes and claws glow too. This artwork was inked on the back of this Star Wars fan by Kenneth Bryan aka Danktat from Intimate Body Art Studios.

Maybe he can find some other dude with Count Dooku on his back and the two of them can back into each other and fight.

[via Obvious Winner]