YouTube Loading Icon Costume: Please Wait, Buffering…

Halloween’s still far off, but a guy going by the moniker Thecnocrat already has one hell of a costume, one that works best in the dark and puts fear in the hearts of billions of people. He is… the YouTube loading animation! Withholder of videos, nemesis of time wasters.


To achieve the effect, Thecnocrat glued one LED each into eight ping pong balls, hooked the setup to an Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller board and wrote a code to recreate the light trail effect. He attached the whole thing to a black shirt with a YouTube logo and he was ready to load.

A lot of Hack A Day commenters are saying that the use of Arduino is overkill in this case and offered several simpler solutions. I only understood the ones that didn’t involve electronics. Still, it’s a free world. If a Vimeo user wants to be a YouTube window, I say let him.

[via Hack A Day]