Uncharted 4

15 Best Protagonists In Video Games

The protagonists in narrative-focused video games are the ones we spend most of our time with during gameplay. In a way, the likeability of a protagonist can make or break the gaming experience. Liking a main character also means we’ll be more inclined to follow their journeys. After…

Monsters, Inc.

Top 15 Kid and Family Films Perfect for Movie Night

Grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and snuggle together because it’s family movie night! Finding the right movie for family night can be difficult,…

15 Actors who are Best Friends in Real Life

15 Actors who are Best Friends in Real Life

We watch them on television and love the dynamic between characters. Yet, finding out the actors are best friends in real life somehow provides…

The Last of Us

15 Sci-Fi Shows Everyone Should Binge

The best sci-fi shows can hook viewers in ways no other shows can. Thanks to the advancements in streaming services, we can binge-watch these…


12 Leading Men and Women That Dominated The 1970s

The 1970s produced a new generation of film stars that took Hollywood by storm. Whether they started their career in the 70s or ended…

Natalie Portman

13 Examples of Someone’s Iconic Role Being Their Worst

While these actors will forever be linked to their most iconic roles, they’re not necessarily their best. These are the characters that made them…

Ortahisar Castle Cappadocia

15 Countries You Can Travel to on a Frugal Budget

Like most of us, I work hard every day to pay my bills and navigate the daily struggles life throws at us. After all…

15 Once-Popular Cars You No Longer See on the Road

15 Once-Popular Cars You No Longer See on the Road

Each passing year yields more and more innovations in the automobile industry. Yet, despite their age, some vehicles will always remain timeless classics. Everyone…

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