15 Dangerous Things People Take Too Lightly

Today’s world has danger lurking around every corner. We’re not talking about the stories you see on the news, either. These are everyday issues that most people do not realize. It’s important to be on the lookout for the little things you should take seriously. Believe it or…


15 Movies That Dragged On For Way Too Long

It’s impossible to ignore the current Hollywood trend of bloated film times. Jimmy Kimmel even made a joke about it during the 96th Academy…


Boomer Blunders: Bad Pieces of Advice For Millennials

Boomers receive a great deal of unfair treatment, although we must concede that they don’t always cover themselves in glory. The generation that rose…


15 American Foods Beloved Around The World

For decades, other countries have looked askance at American cuisine, claiming that we lack the refined palate of our international neighbors. But we do…

Using space for seating in a tiny home

15 Ways to Find Big Space in Tiny Houses

If you’re hip to the new tiny house movement, you know that space is a vital resource. Packing a household’s worth of items in…

15 Most Valuable Disney Collectibles

15 Most Valuable Disney Collectibles

Since 1923, Disney has been sharing its stories with the world. Some have been cartoons, others feature films; all have had memorabilia associated with…

Balancing Act: 15 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Harmony in Today’s World

Balancing Act: 15 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Harmony in Today’s World

Work. For most of the population, work is part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, too many people get…

it takes two

Video Games To Play With Your Significant Other

Playing video games with a significant other can lead to the best of times. Succeeding together or engaging in healthy competitions helps nurture a…

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