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Yobo Fc3 Plus: NES, SNES and Genesis Games in One Console

by Paul Strauss

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that console clone maker Yobo was working on a new system that could play games not only from the Nintendo NES and SNES, but also from the rival SEGA Genesis system.

Yobo FC3 Plus NES SNES Genesis Clone

The new Yobo FC3 Plus has arrived. The system has not 1 or 2, but 3 individual cartridge slots, and lets you play classics from your favorite 8- and 16-bit video game consoles.

Yobo FC3 Plus NES SNES Genesis Clone

The FC3 Plus ships with a pair of controllers as well as a light gun for getting your Duck Hunt on (sorry, CRT televisions only). In addition to SNES/NES/Genesis compatibility, the console can also play games from something called the G-Factor, which frankly, I’ve never heard of. Still, with thousands of Nintendo and SEGA carts out there, you should have plenty to keep you busy for a long time.

The triple-threat consoles have started to turn up over on eBay, with prices starting at about $45 USD.

[via Ben Heck Forums]

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Comments (39):

  1. SmoknJoe says:

    It looks like the FC3 has plugs very similar to the old NES. Look at the picture with the gun and the console and you can see it. I bought the factor five and all my NES stuff hooks to it. It came with a five game cartridge. Game Genie works with this perfectley. The Factor Five is slightly bigger than a NES cartridge and as thick as two cartridges. There is only the A/V output hookups. No Cable/Ant outputs on this.
    Ordered the FC3 off ebay. All these can work with the new LCD and Plasma but any lightgun games and you will need the old type color tv’s or CRT’s. If it will let me hook my NES controllers to it I will come back and post a follow-up. I still want to know what a G-Factor game is also.

    • Pepelluepe says:

      I work at a game store that sells the FC3. I have been looking on the internet for the last hour to try to figure out what a G Factor game was only to discover that we had one in the store. It is labeled YOBO game cartridge for Factor 5 and contains 5 games on one cartridge (Moto Race, Aether Mission, Assault Force, Hot Gun, and Bomb KID).

  2. SmoknJoe says:

    Ok I am back. This machine is awesome in that it plays all three game systems. OK here are the downsides of the Yobo FC3. The only lightgun shooting games you can play are for the NES. Duck Hunt, Hogans Alley, etc… For the SNES you cannot play any lightgun shooting games. No Super Scope SIx, etc etc. The controller cables are only about five foot long.

    Here’s an even worse downside. The controller cables are nine pin types. They look like the old Atari 2600/7800 plugs. Or on your computer the blue colored connecter for a monitor is shaped like this. Which means you cannot use any other contoller like the Yobo Factor Five which utilizes all the old NES contollers and pads. Also the contoller cables are so thin that I was afraid to tug hard or even move while playing.

    The light gun is a little cheesey but works on all the old NES games. The Sega Games work real good on this also. Just gotte get used to the pads. Also the control pads do not work quite right with some games. In Robotron (SNES) you have to hit the firing buttons backwards to shoot in the correct direction. Also the lightgun will not work with plasma, LCD, or projection screens.

    G-Factor games are what Yobo is putting out. No freebie game with the FC3 but the Factor-5 came with a cartridge that had 5 games on it.

    If you just want to get nostalgic and play games once in a while then this is the trick. Go ahead and get one and pull those games outta the closet and have fun.

  3. technabob says:

    SmoknJoe: Thanks so much for posting more details on the FC3.

  4. Zzonkmiles says:

    I own one of these systems. As advertised, it does play NES, SNES, and Genesis games. The graphics are generally true to the original, though they may appear grainy at times. The sound is good.

    Be advised that this system is not without faults:

    1. NES controller mapping is backwards regarding the buttons. Even though the jump button still uses the A-button, the FC3 controller is set up like a Sega Genesis controller which means the A-button is to the left of the B-button. Of course, for NES controllers, the A-button is to the right of the B-button.

    2. The SNES has the same problem with the button mapping. Curiously, the FC3’s C-button functions as a L- or R-button.

    3. Castlevania 3 still does not work on this system.

    4. The controllers are very light and feel cheap, but they are comfortable enough to use. Be advised that you can only use the FC3’s controllers with this machine because of the shape of the plug.

    5. NES cartridges are particularly difficult to put in and take out of the system. It seems that you have to put them in at an angle.

    I think the FC3 is a decent system, but because of the controller button mapping, it might be better to purchase an FC Twin to play NES/SNES games and just use a separate Genesis to play Genesis games. If you want to use the FC3, it would probably be better to play NES/SNES games that don’t penalize you too much for accidentally pushing the B-button instead of the A-button, such as RPGs and strategy games. The Genesis emulation is definitely the best feature of this machine.

  5. Shaun says:

    IMO… The system was a GREAT idea but the execution seems to be crap. I ordered a new Fc3 but the one I got wouldn’t play SNES games and the gun didn’t work for the NES. The company told me to return it but I had to pay the shipping AGAIN. When they finally got around to sending out the replacement it was also defective. This one won’t even load NES games and only boots up about half of the SNES games. At $14 a pop for shipping I think it’s going in the garbage rather than giving them another dime for substandard garbage.

    All I can say is thhat if you do plan on buying one of these… cross your fingers.

  6. suzanne says:

    Any chance you would say where you bought it from? We got one off of ebay for Christmas, and the NES won’t work, and we also will have to pay EXPENSIVE shipping to send it back. Am afraid that if we send it back, the next one won’t work, etc….

  7. SmoknJoe says:

    I know I got both of mine off Ebay. I think I got mine off Ebay from Gamesoftinc (seller). Also mine was the black colored system. But I will say this. Everything works on it. Sega, Nintendo and SNES games all work with the exception of a select few that they tell you wont work. Also make sure you clean the carts as well. The Nerb sells cleaning solutions for your carts and I recommend it. I cleaned some that would work if you jostled them a little but if someone walked heavily the game would reset or go out. After cleaning the pins everything worked right.

  8. Rowan says:

    Its a shame these clone consoles never seem to have RGB scart output.

  9. mugshot says:

    can you save games on this system ??

  10. brandon says:

    With the sega alladin doesnt work says its not compatible with the ntsc or something same with the tazmania game

  11. DeathChian01 says:

    Can the FC3 work with the Genesis’s 32X attachment?

  12. andy klein says:

    i tried to play shining force 2 for sega genesis on the fc3 plus and it loaded fine 1 time but then i couldnt continue my saved game after that it wont show all the options on the starting screen i changed the memory battery on the game still no luck any ideas?

  13. Joe says:

    Here’s the deal. Just got the FC3 as a birthday present from my kids, along with a used Super Mario 3 and a used Sonic. The Sonic works, but it’s sometimes slow, and I can’t get Sonic to spin when I want. That’s one major strategy move that makes play really difficult! Pressing the down button makes him bend down, and sometimes he’ll spind a little, but won’t pick up speed or continue to spin . Has anyone come up with a plan to wire an oem style controller to plugs from FC3’s controller? Seems the only way to overcome proprietary BS on a clone machine…Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this ridiculous problem

  14. John says:

    I bought one of these online from a place called Omega Collectibles, I was so excited when I saw it that I didn’t bother to do any research, could’ve gotten a better price if I had looked around. I got it and I’ve tried all my NES games on it, and none of them worked, some came close, Mario Bros/Duck Hunt displayed something, but I couldn’t get it any better than random shapes. I don’t own any SNES or Genesis games, I was planning on using this to start my collection, but after reading other peoples problems I’m not sure if it’s worth my time.

    I’ll try cleaning my old games, run them in my original NES, see how they do there, try them again in this thing. The place I bought it from is in Canada, and I’m certainly not paying to send it back, so if that doesn’t work I think I’ll put my electrical skills to work and tear the thing apart looking for the problem.

    Wish me luck.

  15. Los says:


    Regarding Sonic, the first game did not have the option to make Sonic spin from a stationary position by pressing down and pressing the A/B/C button. You could only make him spin while he was running. The ability to “rev up” Sonic wasn’t added until Sonic 2. That might be your problem.

  16. Joe says:

    Thanks for the info, Los. I appreciate you answering. It’s been a long time since I had the original sega genesis system, and the version I had allowed that move, since you need it to win. At any rate, I greatly appreciate you bringing me up to speed. Thanks again.

  17. Amber says:

    I bought my system from ebay too (seller bgsonline) the first one wouldn’t even turn on, I paid to ship it back and the new one works, but the system is so fragile, my nephew dropped one of the remotes and it stopped working and I can’t find anyone that sells the remotes separately.
    Does anyone know where to get extra remotes??

  18. Seppl Schlonz says:

    so, when i read all these comments, the result is the following: good idea, but only with much luck you get a working console. so quality is bad. i stay on emulators :)

  19. jon doe says:

    warning this is the biggiest pile of crap. I got this from my wife for my b day played it about 2 times and the controllers stoped working. Games sometime played i really wanted the original nes game system and this one looked way fun cause it played 3 diffrent games but the price you pay for this peice of crap i could have bought a used nes that still would work for years to come. Dont waste you money on this you cant get replacement parts and its so cheaply made.

    • Alec says:

      I agree with you because that happened to me when I got this system , I also saw the reviews . I should have got a NES instead .

  20. Josh says:

    Downside is that SA-1 games such as Super Mario RPG is not an option with this system, not only can you not use other controllers, but spare controllers are REALLY hard to come by, and as I had the misfortune of finding out first-hand, the AC adapter is 10volt DC with a reverse polarity. IN EXAMPLE: HAVE FUN FINDING A NEW POWER BRICK. Ebay doesn’t carry any, Yobo doesn’t get back to you, nor do they sell them, and after five hours of searching relentlessly, my FC3 Plus is still without a power source, and the specs on them exactly are lost to me as I, like an idiot, threw the thing out. If anybody can give me the specs, a detailed picture of the AC adapter specs, has a spare one I can buy, or knows where I can buy one, that would be absolutely awesome. Thanks! AND DO NOT BREAK ANY PART OF THIS SYSTEM OR YOU WILL SUFFER THE SAME ANNOYING FATE. :P

  21. Stephanie says:

    The idea of having one console play games from 3 different game systems seems nice, but it’s obviously full of more flaws than successes. I don’t own one, but based on what people have said, as well as my own thoughts and observations about it, these are some of the things that seem the most troublesome:

    The differences in controllers and accessories is an issue. They should think about making controllers for each system but with the same plugin for each so you could just swap it out with whatever controller you’re about to need.

    Plus, making the thing more durable is a must.

    And they should try getting a near flawless emulation before they sell it. Having the majority of the consoles not even play the games is a big waste of their time and money, as well as yours.

    It does seem kind of absurd to me to try to make 3 different consoles in one. NES/SNES isn’t as bad since the consoles are similar and from the same company and such, but throw in a completely different system and that just brings more problems to the table. It sounds like you’d be better off just buying an FCTwin for the NES/SNES and an original Sega Genesis for Genesis games.

    I’m lucky enough to still have an SNES with a few games, and my mom found the old NES the other day which excited me greatly. I’ve never gotten to play the NES since I’m 16 and that was before my time, but as soon as I saw it, it was like heaven was raining chocolate chip cookies down on me. But of course those cookies soon turned into ravenous evil unicorns as the power adapter doesn’t work… But hopefully my dad can figure something out, he was working on wiring it yesterday or we might just have to buy one.

    But anyways, I’d say just stick with the original systems if you possibly can. At least only spend your money on the FCTwin since it seems to work quite well.

  22. Mandi says:

    I bought this system and at first I thought it was broken because i didn’t know you had to push the games in so hard for them to work. I can’t figure out how to save progress in games on here. Any ideas?

    • Josh says:

      sure, sell me the power adapter lol

      • Amber says:

        I ended up contacting the seller on ebay that I bought the system from (bgsonline). Since they order from the manufacturer they were able to get an extra remote for me.
        You could contact them and see if they can order a new power adapter for you.

  23. tplayer says:

    The NES slot is for 62-pin cart (Famicon) =/

  24. Sam says:

    I got one of these a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty good system for what it’s worth. It certainly helps make some extra space by cramming 3 systems into one. If anyone was thinking of getting one, this is where I got mine:

  25. Somebody says:

    If the game doesn’t work clean your cartridge the game you know they are really old get a tool for opening them and find a safe cleaning solution and scrub the connectors with a old tooth brush for 90 percent of games they will work like new after wards. Also if you payed less than 50 dollars and got the fc3 used instead of new you got ripped off always buy it new. never get a used system you don’t know how it has been abused and always clean your carts before trying to play them.

  26. UltimaWraith says:

    This is a great system, and it plays a lot of my SNES games that refuse to play on my old school SNES. ALTHOUGH, there is one glaring problem for me. This game will not play any Mega Man game after the second one, you can play 1 and 2 just fine, but from 3 onwards they refuse to play. I had the guy in-store test them all for me and the cartridges themselves are fine. It’s sad that I can’t play my favorite games but it reliably loads my Super Mario and the Seven Stars so I can only complain so far.

  27. atari2600fc3xbox says:

    Ok. I feel cheated. I bought one off of amazon, and the picture they used must have been stock, because when I opened it there was no light gun. Now i can’t even play duck hunt and I have to drop $17.99 on a light gun at my local secondhand game store, just because the seller felt it necessary to false advertise. Anyway, the console itself is great and plays the consoles I didn’t have enough money to buy seperately. But the fact that I don’t have a light gun kind of dampers my spirits.

  28. Jeux says:

    So I got the fc3plus for Christmas and also got the super Mario bros/duck hunt cartridge along with it. I pulled an all nighter trying to get the cartridge working, seeing if it was the input cables, or the adapter. Does anyone have any pointers?

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