10 Tech-Free Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other tech have become essential parts of our lives. It’s hard to imagine how we would cope without them in this modern age, but there are times when we would like to reduce our reliance on these devices.

A weekend offers an excellent opportunity to leave those phones and tablets behind, and there are many ways to enjoy your time without relying on technology.

1. Read a Book

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Reading is a perfect diversion. The time melts away when you’re immersed in a favorite book. You could use your tablet to access a novel, but it’s best to get back to basics by picking up a printed book and diving in.

2. Go for a Walk

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Getting outdoors offers many benefits for our physical and mental health. Fresh air and exercise help us to relax and forget about work or other stresses in our everyday lives. Leave your phone or smartwatch behind and don’t count your steps.

3. Enjoy Nature

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When I need a break from my phone or laptop, I often walk around one of my local nature reserves. Birds are my focal point, and I’ve seen many fascinating species, including owls and harriers. If birds aren’t your thing, a zoo or wildlife sanctuary trip could have the same soothing effect nature often delivers.

4. Tackle a Puzzle

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You solve a puzzle in many ways without picking up your smartphone. Many newspapers publish crosswords and other games, and they also provide extra reading material. Alternatively, you could buy a jigsaw puzzle for another tech-free challenge.

5. Cooking

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Have you been waiting to try a new recipe? The weekend is the time to try out new meals, and cooking is something that can involve the whole family. Why not try something different, like baking or making pickles and preserves? If the recipes are online, remember to print them out beforehand.

6. Gardening

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Gardening isn’t for specific times of the year. No matter the season, there’s always something to do around the yard. It could be tidying up, planting new flowers or vegetables, or getting a space ready for bulbs and seeds. In the fall, you’re set to harvest and enjoy the produce that all your hard work has delivered.

7. Watch a Theater Production

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You could stay in and watch a movie, but some technology is involved. Alternatively, a live theater production provides real-life action and maintains a tech-free theme. Local theaters release plays regularly, or you could travel into the city for a major production.

8. Play Sports

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It’s not necessary to participate in team sports to tick this box. call a friend to shoot some pool or play some mini golf. I like to go to the golf driving range, pick up a bucket of balls, and drive away for a couple of hours.

9. Enjoy the Sunshine

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When the weather is right, sitting in the sun is my favorite way to relax. It also boosts vitamin D levels, providing various health benefits. Watching the sun rise and set is another inspiring experience, but always protect your eyes and exposed skin when you enjoy the sunshine.

10. Have a Spa Day

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Any weekend away can help you avoid tech, but a spa break is the most relaxing. Treat yourself to a swim, a sauna, a massage, or all three. You can take a book or a crossword puzzle to tick off more options on this list.

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