14 Harmful Things Being Taught To Children

Children are our future, and it’s important to raise them right. However, some people feel they’re not being taught the right things. Here are 14 harmful things that are being taught to children today.

1. Ignore Bullies, and They’ll Leave You Alone

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While it’s true that bullies often thrive on knowing they’re getting under your skin, you run the risk of the bully upping their game. Even if they give up on you, they’ll likely bully someone else.

2. Chasing Your Dream Job

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There’s a popular saying: “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Unfortunately, sometimes it’s important to learn the value of finding a steady job with good pay and benefits to support your family.

3. Telling Kids They Shouldn’t Question Others

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One of the things we learn as we get older is that adults aren’t always right. Teaching kids to be inquisitive and question the world around them is important. Otherwise, they won’t be able to think for themselves.

4. Being Told That Being Wrong Is Bad

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It’s okay to be wrong! Not everyone has to be right all the time. The downside is that if you’re told being wrong about something is bad, kids will double down on their false opinions as they age.

5. Failure Is Not An Option

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Similarly, kids are often told today that failure is not good. In reality, we learn from our mistakes. We need to know how to pick ourselves up after we fall.

6. If He’s Mean To You, He Likes You

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This harmful advice is often told to girls. It’s unfortunate because it teaches girls to expect bullying and mistreatment from boys who like them.

7. Dismissing The Challenges Of Being A Kid

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Growing up as a kid is hard. I guarantee that most adults would keep their current jobs rather than return to high school. If a kid is struggling, you shouldn’t dismiss their concerns.

8. It’s All About Brand Appeal And Money

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Social media is everywhere for kids. In today’s day and age, they’re more likely to follow an influencer than a movie star. Some influencers are giving kids the notion that designer brands are what matters most today.

9. Being Told Certain Sports Are Too Dangerous

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One commenter tells how they were told playing soccer in Kindergarten was too dangerous for them. I’m not sure what parents and teachers were thinking here.

10. You Need To Go To College

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Society has built college as the end goal of education for people. In reality, not everyone has to go to college. Many people can land fruitful jobs without a college degree. Trade schools can be an enticing option.

11. You Shouldn’t Get Angry

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Blowing off steam when you’re frustrated or upset is okay. It’s important to know healthy ways to unleash your anger.

12. The World Outside Your House Is Scary

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I get it; the world is filled with things that can be viewed as terrifying. But opening yourself up to new cultures and experiences is good for you.

13. Always Finish Your Plate

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Sometimes, when a kid refuses to finish their plate, it isn’t because they hate vegetables. It means they’re full. Being told to finish your plate no matter what is a great way to encourage overeating and developing disorders in people as they get older.

14. School Grades Determine Your Worth

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There’s a lot of pressure on kids in school today. Part of the reason is the importance of getting good grades. However, just because you’re a straight-A student doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a successful future.

Parents who are hard on their children for getting anything below an A is a great way to put too much pressure on them.


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