15 Best U.S. Hot Spots for Retail Therapy

Sometimes, a little retail therapy is all a person needs to lift their mood, and it’s even better if it’s done out of town. A short trip to another city for some shopping can be enough of a mood booster to get anyone through the next month or so. We should all treat ourselves sometimes.

We may feel guilty splurging on items we don’t need or have any use of. However, planning a splurge and allocating a fixed amount to cover it can do wonders for your mental health.

Whether it’s an enclosed mall, an open pedestrian-friendly center, or a farmers market, there’s a spot for all kinds of retail lovers. These retail spots offer the best brands and the finest atmosphere.

1. Fashion Show Mall — Nevada

Fashion Show Mall — Nevada
Image Credit: By APK – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 / WikiCommons.

Las Vegas has a reputation for being a mega entertainment hub, and rightfully so. It’s not just the nightlife that draws in crowds, but the shopping scene. The Fashion Show Las Vegas is a popular tourist and local shopping center.

This mall hosts a diverse combination of over 250 retailers and 30 restaurants. With its seasonal events and art installations, Fashion Show is more than just a shopping mall.

2. Park Meadows Mall — Colorado

Image Credit: By Jeffrey Beall – Own work, CC BY 3.0, WikiCommons.

Park Meadows in Lone Tree has more than 185 retailers and even an indoor skating rink. Its architecture is reminiscent of a lodge and offers a distinct look different from traditional malls.

As the biggest mall in the state, it has almost everything for an enthusiastic shopper. The mall is clean and well-maintained. It’s a must to visit at Christmas to enjoy the festive atmosphere within the mall.

3. Atlantic Station — Georgia

Image Credit: By Hector Alejandro – Flickr: Atlantic Station, CC BY 2.0, WikiCommons.

Atlantic Station in Atlanta has a life of its own inside. Its pedestrian-friendly layout makes it safe and perfect for families. Sandwiched in between are numerous shops, restaurants, and even a theatre.

Its design makes this outdoor mall feel like a historic town. Every summer, the mall offers numerous festivities, making it the perfect safe space for some retail therapy.

4. Wynwood Marketplace — Florida

Image Credit: Paul Sableman via CC2.0 / WikiCommons.

While Miami is known to be typically expensive, you can find affordable retail shops if you know where to look. Rather than buying generic products, people can discover unique and local handicrafts at Wynwood.

The marketplace perfectly captures all things Miami as it nestles within the artistic neighborhood. Local Miami designers and artists create most of the products found here.

5. Ithaca Farmers Market — New York

Image Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel via CC4.0 / WikiCommons.

Shopping for food and vegetables is just as much fun as shopping for clothes. Many find it even more relaxing. The Ithaca Farmers Market is the perfect place to soak up the sun while tasting various wines and buying cheese. Unique arts and crafts can also be found here.

This market has more than 85 vendors every weekend. People often find the vendors crafting behind their stalls as they paint or carve artistic pieces.

6. Beverly Hills — California

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Nowhere in the United States is more expensive or luxurious than Beverly Hills, California. It’s no surprise that it’s home to many famous personalities. Shopping in Beverly Hills will make anyone feel like a superstar straight out of a movie.

The stores on Rodeo Drive leave shoppers’ heads spinning with excitement. Whether it’s Burberry, Balenciaga, Cartier, or Chanel, Beverly Hills has it all.

7. Little River Flea — Florida

Image Credit: Arlo Wynwood.

Thrifting continues to grow in popularity with the younger generations. It’s affordable and a more sustainable way of shopping that reduces waste.

Little River Flea is one of the best thrift shops in Miami. Each item is carefully curated, and the area focuses on supporting small businesses and locals. The selection includes everything from graphic tees to vinyl records.

8. Faneuil Hall — Massachusetts


Image Credit: Beyond My Ken via CC 4.0 / WikiCommons.

This historic building is one of Boston’s oldest open-air pedestrian malls. It’s also significant as the location of meetings to discuss the Stamp Act during the Colonial era. With such a rich history, an even more diverse culture of shops exists inside.

It has more than 50 shops, 14 restaurants, and more than 40 food stalls. The options can be overwhelming, so shoppers should mark the location for multiple visits in the future.

9. Broadway Plaza — California

Image Credit: Fastily via CC4.0 / WikiCommons.

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping with a pristine backdrop around them? This pedestrian-friendly mall has incredible architecture, carefully designed landscapes, and European-style fountains.

The Broadway Plaza is the best retail spot in the San Francisco East Bay. With over 80 retailers, visitors can experience live music and artisan markets.

10. King of Prussia Mall — Pennsylvania

King of Prussia Mall
Image Credit: Ajay Suresh via CC2.0 / WikiCommons.

This haven for shopaholics is in Philadelphia and boasts almost 3 million square feet and more than 450 shops. The King of Prussia Mall is the largest mall on the East Coast.

It’s also the third-largest mall in America. With so much space, shoppers can find anything they can imagine within this mall. Discovering everything here is sure to require multiple visits.

11. Disney Springs — Florida

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Disney invites visitors from all over the world and has a massive presence in Orlando. Disney Springs is in the middle of the Walt Disney World theme park and resort.

The shopping center is home to 150 shops, where Star Wars and Marvel fans can find incredible merch. Entry is free, and the concerts at the Marketplace Stage are also free.

12. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet — Hawaii

Image Credit: Cliff via CC 2.0 / WikiCommons.

While malls have a certain allure, sometimes there’s comfort in the familiarity of flea markets. The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet in Honolulu is perfect for people who want to shop casually and spend time bargaining for the best deal in town.

Since the market is local, people often stumble across hidden vintage Hawaiian gems. This flea market has everything from surfboards to local arts and crafts. There are even fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

13. Brooklyn Flea Market — New York

Image Credit: Mack Male via CC 2.0 / WikiCommons.

This flea market features a diverse mix of antiques, vintage items, and food vendors. Many talented artists sell their work here. It’s worth visiting weekly as new items are added for that planned splurge.

This market is located in prime Williamsburg, right alongside the Brooklyn waterfront. People are often surprised to find designer pieces in the market.

14. Hyde Park Village — Florida

Image Credit: hyku via CC 2.0 / WikiCommons.

Hyde Park Village is in historic Tampa, offering 70 shops, restaurants, and seven movie theatres. This outdoor shopping center is pet—and family-friendly and has free parking.

Despite being a shopping center, it feels like a park with fountains, pathways, and seating spaces. It offers the best of both worlds- the monthly local Fresh Market and high-end brands.

15. Gold & Silver Pawn Shop — Nevada

Image Credit: Mike Salvucci via CC 2.0 / WikiCommons.

Almost everybody is familiar with the iconic Pawn Stars show, which has aired for 15 years. The show’s location is the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, which is just as iconic as the show.

From antiques and collectibles to jewelry, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has it all. It offers rare pieces and memorabilia from the show that aren’t found anywhere else. It’s almost impossible to leave the shop without seeing something unique.

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