15 Legitimate Complaints About Modern Technology

As time progresses, our lives seem to become easier. Technological breakthroughs happen regularly allowing us to be in constant communication with friends and family. Science is doing incredible things in the world of medicine to help keep loved ones safer than ever.

Yet despite the wonders of modern technology, there are plenty of downsides, too. Whether it’s due to corporate greed or the nature of capitalism, we have some legitimate complaints about technology today.

Everything Has To Be A Subscription

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I remember when I could buy pieces of software such as Adobe Photoshop for a flat price. The same is true with physical movies, CDs, and so on. I owned these things and only had to pay a flat rate once.

Today, however, all of these things are a monthly subscription. Stores like Best Buy are removing physical media, meaning buying music, movies, or copies of our favorite TV shows is harder and harder. We have to hope they’re available on a streaming service.

We No Longer Own What We Buy

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On a related note, just because we subscribe to these subscription services doesn’t mean we own the media in their libraries. If a movie disappears from Netflix, we’re out of luck.

It’s becoming a prevalent problem in the world of video games. As video games continue to embrace the trends of subscription libraries and live service gaming, if someone decides to bring a certain game offline, we lose the ability to play it.

It’s Becoming Harder To Be “Off The Grid”

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As nice as it is always to be able to connect with people, sometimes you just want to unplug and enjoy some peace and quiet. However, as technology advances to improve things like cell phone coverage, your remote camping trips no longer mean you’re unreachable. You’ll still get those pesky spam calls you so desperately wish to avoid.

Smart Appliances Are Becoming More and More Common

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Remember when a television was just a TV? Or a refrigerator was, well, just a fridge? I sure do.

We don’t need these appliances to be able to connect to the internet or to be able to listen and add items to our shopping list. We just want to watch TV or keep our food cold and fresh without unnecessary “extra benefits.”

Two-Step Verification Is Becoming More and More Annoying

Two-Step Verification
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I understand why two-step verification exists. This security measure is a way to add an extra layer of protection when you’re trying to log in to software that may include sensitive data. It usually sends a security code to your phone, which you enter on your computer, allowing you to log in. It exists as a way to prevent hackers from stealing your data.

Everything doesn’t need this, though. I just want to check my email, I don’t want to have to click pictures of busses that prove I’m human.

Smart Speakers Can’t Replace Old-School Home Stereos

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You’d think connecting speakers to your home Wi-Fi would be an easy way to stream music across your house, right? Wrong.

Take it from me: it can sometimes take minutes, or even an hour, to find out why our Spotify app can’t connect to our Smart Speaker network. And even when it works, it’s not an optimal experience.

Do you know what did work: My old-school home stereo that was hardwired into the CD player or the television.

Algorithms Are Forced Down Our Throat

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Do you remember when your social media feeds were just the people you followed? We remember.

Now, Facebook or Twitter likes to suggest posts that you think you like. Or Spotify suggests some songs in its “smart shuffle mode.”

If I wanted to be exposed to these things, I would add them to my feeds and playlists.

Everything Has To Be An App

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I understand why restaurants have shifted to QR codes for menus following COVID-19. I’m okay with that.

Having to download an app to view your menu, place an order, and pay for my meal? That’s where I draw the line.

Self-Checkout Registers

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Thankfully, these seem to be slowly going away. If I’m in a hurry and only have a few items, I honestly don’t mind using the self-checkout rather than waiting in line.

What I do mind, though, is when the self-checkout gets confused when I put an item in the bagging area. I’m using this for speed and convenience, and this error is adding unnecessary time to my grocery store trip.


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Everything doesn’t have to be a touchscreen!

While it’s super nice that my phone no longer has clunky analog buttons, I don’t need my car dashboard to be a touchscreen.

No More Headphone Jacks

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I’m someone who hates Air Pods. They’re uncomfortable in my ears; I greatly prefer a nice pair of headphones.

With my new phone, though, I have to make sure they’re Bluetooth capable, which means I better hope that I remember to charge them since, you know, my phone no longer has headphone jacks.

Social Media Creates The Need For Constant Stimulation

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I could talk all day about how Gen Z isn’t socializing like other generations are. There are certainly over factors at play here besides social media, but it’s definitely a contributing reason.

Why do they need to go outside and connect with people when they’ve been doing it their whole lives solely from their phones? Furthermore, why do they need to go somewhere for entertainment when social media, YouTube, and TikTok provide countless hours of entertainment for them?

Change For The Sake of Change

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Just because something can be changed and innovated doesn’t mean it should be. I have plenty of pieces of “older” technology that still work just fine. Do I need a fancy new phone with bells and whistles nobody asked for? Absolutely not, especially at those prices.

Furthermore, does my game console need a bunch of random benefits that no gamer is asking for? Nope. Just let me play my favorite games, and I’m happy.

An Invasion of Privacy

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With the advancement of technology benefitting our lives, it also has some very scary drawbacks.

Our personal lives are being recorded in ways nobody thought possible. We post our every movement on social media, our thoughts, and sometimes even our life stories.

The same is true for security measures being used in public. Cameras are watching us everywhere, and as technology continues to track our lives, people will do anything to get a hold of our personal information.

AI Is Stealing People’s Jobs

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As artificial intelligence advances, it threatens the livelihoods of many people.

While it does have its benefits, it also steals the work of artists, journalists, and others.


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