15 Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like something that’s only important among tech professionals in their careers. While that’s certainly the case, AI is in many everyday products, services, and interactions without even realizing it. AI is here to stay, and its use will only increase over time. In the meantime, it’s surprising to know how AI impacts your life. 

1. Autonomous Vehicles

Self driving vehicle
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Manufacturers of self-driving vehicles employ AI to make navigation decisions, plan driving routes, and recognize the environments in which they are driven. There are different levels of autonomous vehicles, ranging from cars using AI to assist in driving to cars fully operated by AI. The mechanics of these self-driving cars are meant to lower the chance of accidents and reduce road traffic. 

2. Banking and Finance

Man analyzing data
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The combination of banking, finance, and AI may seem strange on its face, but there are practical applications that are beneficial to consumers. Investment bankers and brokers use AI algorithms to make investments, minimizing customer risk. AI is also crucial in fighting cybercriminals who commit financial crimes by identifying out-of-the-ordinary transactions. 

3. Customer Service

AI chatbot
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Have you ever called a business, and instead of a live person, there’s a voice requesting information from you? That’s AI at work. The voice is called a chatbot, and they’re programmed to ask and answer questions and route you to the right person or department if they cannot resolve the reason for the call. Chatbots assist customers with routine matters and reduce the wait time to talk to a representative.

4. Digital Assistants

Boy using Alexa
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If you own a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, use Siri on an Apple device, or use Cortana on a Windows device, then you’ve used an AI-powered digital assistant. These computer programs interact with users conversationally, answering questions and obeying commands. They gather data based on the user’s preferences to predict their needs, which is how they know which recommendations to make. 

5. E-Commerce

Woman using ecommerce for shopping
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When browsing or shopping on an e-commerce site, users will find the site gives recommendations for products they might be interested in buying. This isn’t a coincidence; it’s based on data gathered by AI algorithms, like browsing, searching, and buying histories. E-commerce sellers use AI to improve customer satisfaction by making them aware of products they may need and increasing sales. 

6. Facial Recognition

Man using Facial Recognition
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Biometrics uses physical characteristics like fingerprints as a method of identification, especially for security purposes. Facial recognition is a form of biometric that relies on a person’s facial characteristics to identify them positively. Employers use facial recognition to secure building entry and limit access to authorized workers in restricted facility areas. Newer generation smartphones like Apple’s iPhone also have facial recognition capabilities that unlock devices. 

7. Healthcare

Patient lying on CT scan
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AI has been used in healthcare to assist providers in improving patient outcomes. AI monitors patients remotely, analyzes medical images like X-rays, CT, and MRI scans, and helps practitioners diagnose illness and disease accurately. AI-driven apps like K-Health and Ada even facilitate user access to healthcare providers. 

8. Navigation Systems 

Man using Waze map
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GPS systems are wonderful tools for reaching your destination, especially when driving through unfamiliar areas. Artificial intelligence uses collected data to enhance navigation. AI gathers traffic data in real-time, helping drivers avoid heavily congested areas and accidents on the road. Apps like Waze give accurate predictions of future traffic conditions so drivers can plan the best time to leave. AI has made GPS even more indispensable. 

9. Search Engines

Microsoft Bing using AI chatbot
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If you’ve recently used Google to search for something, you may have noticed a sentence at the top of your screen saying, “Generative AI is experimental.” That’s Google’s AI function providing search results to users. Microsoft Bing has several AI programs, including copilot, cooking assistant, designer, fitness trainer, and vacation planner, for different aspects of your life.

10. Smart Homes 

Smart Home
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Smart homes are residences equipped with devices connected to the internet and remotely controlled by apps on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. These devices are considered the Internet of Things (IoT) because they’re traditionally not connected to the internet. IoT devices include appliances, lights, thermostats, and door locks. IoT devices are also compatible with smart home hubs offered by Apple, Amazon, and Google. 

11. Social Media

Young woman using Instagram
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Social media companies rely on AI for several functions revolving around the user experience. AI moderates content by filtering offensive and spam posts and suggesting other types of content based on the user’s viewing history. AI tailors advertisements to target specific audiences, select the best influencers to market particular products, and suggest which videos to watch and who to follow. 

12. Personalized Learning 

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The influence of AI is found in learning processes, inside and outside of the classroom. Educators personalize learning for individual students by taking data analytics, identifying areas where students excel or need support, and adjusting the curriculum accordingly. Popular apps like Duolingo employ AI to teach language, math, and music outside the classroom. 

13. Video Streaming Apps

Woman watching video streaming app
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The ads shown while watching video streaming apps aren’t aired randomly. They’re carefully selected based on data gathered by AI reflecting the user’s viewing habits. In addition, the recommendations video streaming apps make for viewers to watch certain programs are from AI recognizing the types of programs watched. So, if a viewer watches a lot of documentaries, the app will generally recommend documentaries instead of animations or other genres. 

14. Email Spam Filters

Man checking Email
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When checking an email account, the spam or junk folder is often filled with messages that, fortunately, don’t make it to the inbox. These messages may contain viruses compromising a device’s security, and that’s thanks in large part to artificial intelligence. AI analyzes the emails for characteristics indicating they’re unsafe or junk messages. 

15. Home Security Cameras

Security Camera
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Home surveillance cameras have become more sophisticated in recent years, and that’s due in large part to AI technology. The newer or “smart” cameras have algorithms that review real-time activity. The system uses that data to determine if a warning should be sent to the owner reporting unusual activity or a potential threat to their property.

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