15 Quirky Auto Gadgets To Geek Out About

Many car lovers admit that their ride is an extension of their personality. Customizing your car can add functionality or flair and truly make it unique to yourself.

Whether you want a device to keep you and your family safe, make your life easier, or just be cool, the customizable options are endless. These are some gadgets you can add to your vehicle to satisfy all your needs. Even better, most of these are ready to be shipped to your door.

1. Headrest Screen Holder

Image Credit: Mount-It!

Are you tired of your kid complaining in the back seat on long drives? Or when you give them a device to play with, they drop it in a place no one can grab, and you have to pull over to avoid a full-blown meltdown?

You’re in luck. This handy device clips to your headrest and provides a screen for them to watch while you travel in peace. It holds all tablets up to 10 inches and rotates 360 degrees for easy access to controls from the front seat.

2. Car Mini Fridge

Image Credit: My Essentials.

Stock up on this 12-volt mini fridge with your favorite beverages, and you’ll never be thirsty again on long road trips. The compact cooler can fit in the middle seat, floorboard, or cargo space and holds up to six cans or bottles. It’s a perfect option for tailgate parties, BBQs, or keeping your lunch cool if you are running from job sites.

3. Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Image Credit: Luno.

Are you thinking about going on some camping trips this summer but aren’t a fan of sleeping on the ground? This portable mattress turns your back seat into a soft, comfy bed.

Two people can comfortably settle down after a long day of hiking and fall asleep without needing a tent or the bugs that come with lying in the dirt. This will change your mind if you’re on the fence about becoming a camper.

4. Car Seat Gap Filler

Image Credit: Owleys.

Nothing drives me crazier than dropping something in the gap between my car seats. My keys, cell phone, or wallet always seem to land in the smallest crevices, and I have to squeeze my hand to try to fish them out.

Why did it take so long for a gap filler to come into our lives? After installing these devices, we no longer have to say goodbye to our spare change, which falls to its forgotten home under the seats.

5. Car Hitch Key Vault

Image Credit: Hitch Vault.

This mini safe attaches to your tow hitch and allows you to hide spare keys if you ever find yourself locked out. It also comes in handy when you want to keep your pockets empty when hiking or spending a day at the beach.

Thieves are apt to break into a vehicle and rummage through the glove compartment or center console. The last place these people will look is your tow hitch. Now, you can spend the day relaxing without worrying about valuable items being stolen.

6. Touchscreen Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

Image Credit: Toguard.

This futuristic gadget can upgrade your car’s safety and tech features. The rearview mirror fits directly over the existing mirror and provides a front and rear camera with recording devices to avoid liability if someone were to hit your car.

In addition to the added cameras, it comes equipped with a driver fatigue alert to keep you awake on long drives and warn you when it’s time to pull over and get some rest.

7. Trailer Hitch Hammock

Image Credit: Swings N’ Things.

This is the perfect gift for couples who love to camp or spend an afternoon exploring. Two single hammock chairs fold out, attach to your vehicle’s tow hitch, and create a unique set of lounging chairs that are made for a day hanging out at the beach or a park.

Combine this with the portable mini fridge, and you have a step-by-step map for an epic day with your loved one.

8. Handpresso Portable Espresso Machine

Image Credit: Handpresso.

You’ll never have to worry about that mid-day lull when you have a portable espresso machine handy. This is designed to easily fit into your car’s cup holder, so you can get quality coffee without stopping at expensive coffee shops.

The device is easy to clean, can be tucked away in a purse or travel bag, and provides your caffeine fix when you are away from home, like on a road trip or too busy to leave the office.

9. SnowOFF Windshield Cover

Image Credit: Urban Transit.

Is there anything more annoying than standing in the freezing cold, scraping away snow and ice from your windshield? These foldable covers strap down on your side mirrors and keep the elements off your front window.

You won’t have to sit in your car waiting for the window to defrost. Just un-strap the hooks, shake off the covers, and you’re on your way without freezing your tail feathers off first thing in the morning.

10. Portable Air Purifier

Image Credit: Xiaomi.

As compact as a small cup of coffee, this air purifier can hide in one of your backseat cup holders while it cleans 99.7% of dust, odor, smoke, and dander. If you’re a driver for a ride-share company or let your messy kids eat in your vehicle, you are going to want to keep one of these in your car. If you want to take your dogs on road trips, avoid being the person with the stinky car. Pack one of these in your ride, and your nose will thank you.

11. DipClip Condiment Holder

Image Credit: Milkmen Design, LLC.

Have you ever taken your lunch break in your car and wished you had a safe place to put your condiment cups? These thoughtful gadgets attach to your AC vents and provide a little shelf for your ketchup or sauce packets.

Dunk those nuggets with the confidence that you won’t spill it all over your vehicle’s fine interior. This is one of those genius ideas that I wish I had invented.

12. Tile Key Finders

Image Credit: Tile Inc.

This is for all of you who constantly leave your keys in random places and then panic when you are running late and can’t find them. Stop giving yourself an anxiety attack and attach these finders to your key ring. The little clip connects to Bluetooth via your phone and emits a high-pitched sound when you activate the “Find My Key” function.

Now you no longer can use the excuse you couldn’t find your keys when you are running late!

13. Heads Up Hands-Free Driving Display

Hudway Heads Up Driving Display
Image Credit: Hudway, LLC.

This new tool for your gadget arsenal is designed to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. The device comes with a map that sits on your dashboard and projects Google Maps onto a glass panel in front of your windshield.

You no longer have to look down to check when you need to turn or how much farther it is to your destination.

14. LED Car Light Strips

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Customize your car’s interior with these LED light strips that stick to your floorboards and stay charged through your lighter port or USB charger. These lights come in various colors and instantly transform your car’s cabin into a nightclub, as these lights can synch to your music, making everyone look at you when you pull up to the block party.

They work on both the interior and exterior, making it easy to spice up your ride no matter what you drive.

15. Hands-Free Amazon Alexa for Cars

Image Credit: Amazon, Inc.

A lot of newer luxury cars have technology like Alexa to allow you to focus on the road while asking for directions. This little gizmo gives you the same luxury features without spending the big bucks on a new car.

The Amazon Alexa for cars responds to your voice and requests for things like the weather, directions, ordering food, and playing music, all while keeping you and your passengers as safe as possible.

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