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Steampunk Skull Mouse for Those Who Are Creepy Yet Classy

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Written by Alisha K. | August 20, 2009

Ivan Mavrov’s steampunk-style projects range from delicate dragonflies to clunky “time collectors,” but they’re all beautifully well crafted. But I think the award for ‘most likely to make your jaw drop’ clearly has to go to this item: the skull mouse.

skull mouse ivan mavrov

That is some serious mouse–not for the faint of heart (or those looking for something ergonomic!). It’s a sheep skull, by the way, and Mavrov assures us that it was a natural death, not a modder-with-a-hammer kind of death. See? He’s a nice guy.

Who makes computer peripherals out of skulls. Oh, and brass. Brass is innocent enough.


I have to say, the skull does make for a fine-looking pointing device.

[via the Steampunk Workshop]