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17th Century Craft + Post-Apocalyptic Sensibilities = Zombie Cross-Stitch

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 14, 2010

It is widely believed (by the writer of the Wikipedia article on cross-stitch) that cross-stitch was traditionally used merely to embellish household cloths like tablecloths or dishcloths. Cloths cloths cloths. What a weird word. Anyway the structure of the aida cloth used in cross-stitching made it easy to form floral and geometric patterns, but eventually people began making all sorts of images using the style, and not just for adding a bit of life to ordinary linen but also to make decorations meant to be displayed and appreciated on its own. Fast-forward several hundred years, and marvel at how far (out) cross-stitch has come:

brains cross stitch

It’s the perfect finishing for my tomb.

[via Craftster via Geek Crafts]