16 Mobile Games Easily Playable With One Hand

Mobile games have steadily grown into atmospheric, intuitive, and super fun titles. The best part? You can play a bunch of them with just one hand!

Accessible mobile games are the perfect way to take breaks between hectic schedules. They often don’t require your complete focus and work well with something going on in the background—perhaps a movie.

These games have been carefully selected based on their enjoyableness, high quality, and visual design. There’s something for everyone here, but one thing these titles have in common is the high fun factor!

1. Slay The Spire (2017)

Image Credit: Mega Crit.

Published by Humble Games, Slay The Spire effectively combines roguelikes with deck builders. Players choose from several different paths, crafting their card decks and encountering all sorts of creatures.

Some routes have more challenging bottles but more valuable rewards. Others offer nothing substantial but are a breeze to complete. The game has enough randomness to make each run feel fresh.

2. Hoplite (2013)

Image Credit: Douglas Cowley.

Developer Magma Fortress’s Hoplight is an intuitive turn-based strategy game with short battles. The maps are bite-sized, forcing each fight to quickly turn into chaos.

The procedural generation ensures that players encounter new compact battlefields almost every day. While the battles might not run super long, players must still think before acting. Each turn has the potential to change the tide for the better or worse.

3. Reigns (2016)

Reigns (2016)
Image Credit: Devolver Digital.

Reigns is a fan favorite and has spawned several titles building on the immersive gameplay. Players must manage a kingdom through various hardships by making tough decisions relayed by advisors.

Each decision has consequences. Some might not be initially obvious and lead to the kingdom’s destruction later. Developer DevolverDigital has struck gold with Reigns as it continues to be popular several years after its release.

4. Pirate Outlaws (2019)

Pirate Outlaws (2019)
Image Credit: Fabled Game.

Fabled Game’s Pirate Outlaws is another deck builder with several hundred hours of content. Its unique visual design makes it one of the prettiest titles on mobile. 

There are more than 700 cards to utilize and three different modes to keep the game fresh. Players who love optimizing their decks will especially enjoy Pirate Outlaws for its extensive customisability.

5. Knights of San Francisco (2021)

Knights of San Francisco (2021)
Image Credit: Raindead Company s.r.o.

Developer Raindead’s Knights of San Francisco is a text-based role-playing game with procedural generation elements. This short video game stays with you long after the credits roll. Everything about this title seems odd, but that is just by design. 

The game’s visceral combat design makes it engaging yet gruesome. The best part about this title is its seamless loading and automatic saving. Players can hop on at any time.

6. Night of the Full Moon (2019)

Night of the Full Moon
Image Credit: Giant Games, Inc.

Night of the Full Moon is a deck builder that emphasizes casual play. Unlike other competitive titles, players can succeed even if they play less consistently.

The visuals are a treat, and the game runs smoothly on both low-end and high-end devices. The developer Giant Network is consistent with updates and quickly removes bugs.

7. Magium (2016)

Image Credit: Magium Games.

Magium is a text-based adventure game inspired by the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Players must choose their adventure, chart a unique path, and discover secrets in the rich world.

The narrative will be told in seven books. The first two have been released, and the others are in ongoing development. Magium Games, the developers, are passionate about this title and are hard at work with future updates.

8. Void Tyrant (2021)

Void Tyrant (2021)
Image Credit: Armor Games Studios.

Void Tyrant is a compact deck builder that balances competitive and casual play well. In this simplistic title, players battle various foes across the galaxy.

The game has over 500 cards and three classes with which to pick and optimize their playthroughs. Armor Game Studios has made the user interface intuitive and the game relatively easy to understand.

9. Atomas (2015)

Image Credit: Sirnic.

Atomas is a simple-to-understand yet difficult-to-master puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours. Players begin with hydrogen atoms and use the power of fusion to build more elements.

The trick lies in managing the elements. Having too many means game over. The goal is to build elements like Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

10. Survivor.io (2022)

Image Credit: Habby Pte. Ltd.

Survivor.io is an action-packed top-down shooter with several hours of mayhem-fueled gameplay. In this title, players must survive in a zombie-infested city, gathering weapons and equipment.

Developer Habby has made the game for players with short attention spans. The game constantly progresses in difficulty as the screen fills with enemies.

11. Rumble Heroes (2023)

Rumble Heroes
Image Credit: Playhard Studio.

Rumble Heroes is a stylistically simple role-playing game played entirely with one hand. Players must save a lost princess by recruiting heroes, reconstructing their village, and mowing down hordes of monsters.

The premise is simple, resembling the controls and gameplay loop. Players won’t find any lengthy grinding; instead, they can play the game at their own pace. Rumble Heroes isn’t only a fan favorite but is also widely recognized and rewarded by Google Play.

12. Overworld (2022)

Overworld (2022)
Image Credit: Red Asteroid Games Inc

Overworld plays like a classic role-playing dungeon explorer with a twist. Players can play in short ten-minute sessions and win. Most quests and dungeons are designed to be finished quickly and respect the player’s time.

Despite the quick play sessions, this game has a lot on offer. Players must battle monsters, tame pets, cross over oceans, and gather loot. The best part? Developer Red Asteroid Games has kept the game completely free.

13. Worldbox – Sandbox Simulator (2018)

Image Credit: Maxim Karpenko.

Worldbox allows players to create entire civilizations, build ecosystems, and hurl natural disasters at their creations. The sky is the limit, and experimentation is critical to helping your civilization survive.

Our only pet peeve is the lack of hand-holding the game provides. Some aspects, such as figuring out biome structures, can be a bit difficult to grasp. However, sticking around with the game will make for some incredible adventures.

14. Look, Your Loot! (2018)

Image Credit: Dragosha Games.

Look, Your Loot! is for players who desire a challenge in the world of deck builders. Players must choose from 11 heroes and build their deck to take on bosses and enemies in several dungeons.

Simple mechanics make the game accessible to most players, but there is a high skill ceiling later on. Defeating bosses and upgrading heroes allows players to increase the difficulty, adding to the challenge.

15. 1010! Block Puzzle Game (2017)

Image Credit: WalkBoy Studio.

Developer Zynga’s 1010 is an incredibly addictive block puzzle game. The gameplay loop is similar to Tetris, albeit with a few adjustments. Blocks don’t fall, instead, players must place three blocks anywhere on the field. Winning means making horizontal or vertical lines, but players can lose if no space is left.

It’s a simple game with no real end. Players can beat their high scores and purchase optional themes for the blocks. Closing the game mid-session isn’t a problem either. Simply restart whenever, and players will continue wherever they left off.

16. Sand Blocks (2023)

Image Credit: Voodoo.

In Sand Blocks, developer VOODOO blends action elements with block puzzle solving. In this game, players must combine blocks of the same color from one end to another. However, upon reaching the ground, the blocks turn into sand and can fall farther down or not at all. 

The physics system is a treat and works well with the punchy audio design. The game makes players feel like they are constantly progressing with upgrades at every corner.


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