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Novero Shows Off Victoria Bluetooth Jewelry

 |  |  |  |  |  May 13, 2010

I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to gadgets and electronics, my wife and I are fundamentally different. I want something that looks cool, but primarily it has to work. I am the form follows function type. My wife, on the other hand, will gladly take an inferior product that looks better.


Novero has a new Bluetooth range for women who want something that not only look good but that work well too. I have reviewed many Novero devices and they have performed well across the board, so these Victoria items should as well.


Basically, what you have here is a Bluetooth headset that looks like a necklace and comes in several styles. Presumably, they all have the same hardware inside.


Novero talks more about the looks than anything else. The line comes in Victoria Lapis, Pearl, Stripes, Wave, and a style called “Victor” for the guys.


And if you’re a really rich geek, you can get versions made from precious metals and jewels for as much as $120,000 (USD). Pricing for the normal versions is unknown.