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Trimensional iPhone App Scans Your Face in 3D, Then Lets You Print Your Ugly Mug

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Written by Range | April 15, 2011

I’ve heard plenty about 3D printing, but this is probably the first iPhone app that will scan your face in 3D and allow you to render a 3D model of your face. It’s kind of amazing what the iPhone can do, isn’t it? The app is from Trimensional and it will cost you $1 (USD).

trimensional app 3d scanner iphone ios software

Trimensional describes the app as a 3D scanner for the iPhone, but for now it only works with faces. A recent update allows you to create an animated GIF file of the 3D model to share with friends. With a $5 in-app purchase, you can output the scan as a 3D model and then send it to a 3D printer (printing cost not included). While not a lot of people have access to one, it sure makes it interesting.

3D printing is one of the few forms of 3D technologies that I think is worthwhile. 3D screens aren’t really going to take off in my opinion, unless the 3D screens become like the Holodeck on the Starship Enterprise.

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