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Let Your Baby Do the Name Picking via Kicking with This iPhone App

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Written by Hazel Chua | June 3, 2011

So what will people come up with next?

I personally don’t really hate or like the name that my parents bestowed upon me. I find “Hazel” to be a pretty boring name to be stuck with (given that the meaning of the name is simply from “the hazel tree.” Who wants to be named after a tree? I don’t.) but I’m also glad that I didn’t get stuck with something that was incredibly hideous, like┬áKernnifer or Anntena (no offense to people who are actually named these names, I got the names from this list over here.)

But what if there were some way that you could let your unborn baby do the name picking?

Yes, folks, that’s right. Your soon-to-come bundle of joy can pick his or her own name simply with the kicks he or she is throwing. How? With the Kick To Pick app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The concept is simple. The app actually comes loaded with tens of thousands of names that you can browse through to select which ones are your favorites. You can forgo making the favorites list and just go straight ahead to the picking by powering up the app and placing it on top of your baby bump. The app then goes through the list systematically until little Junior or little Missy throws a kick that will be detected by the accelerometer of your device. And voila: the name for your baby has been chosen.

This way, you can just tell Vevia, Frauke, or Stacian (still names from the list I mentioned earlier, if you’re wondering) that they were the ones who chose their names for themselves when they complain about it later on.

You can get the Kick To Pick app from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.