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Toilet Buddy Covers Your Ass (Sounds)

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 13, 2011

We shared with you a portable version of the Otohime aka flushing noise generator found in female public restrooms in Japan. Here’s a custom version of that gadget that not only masks your number two tunes but also teaches you manners.

toilet buddy by gadget gangster

Made by the tinkerers over at Gadget Gangster, the Toilet Buddy has three abilities based on two parameters. When it senses that the toilet seat is up and the restroom light is on, it plays a flushing sound. When the toilet seat is down but the room’s light is on, it plays back a reminder to turn off the light. And when the toilet seat is up but the room’s light is off, it’ll tell you to put the toilet seat down. You monster.

As you may have guessed you can turn the Toilet Buddy into another kind of Buddy, like one that automatically rings the door bell or plays a scary sound to surprise passers by. And then reminds them to put their toilet seat down. Check out the build instructions and parts list over at Gadget Gangster.

[via Hack A Day]