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Nintendo Wii U May Get an App Store

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 30, 2011

Nintendo may be against porting their games onto mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t considering an app store of their own for their Wii U console. It would of course be similar to iTunes or the Android Market, but packed with stuff just for your console.

Rumors would seem to indicate that non-game apps like MLB.tv will run on the regular TV interface, along with more tablet-like apps that will be optimized for the Wii U’s touchscreen display. You can also expect a “wider variety” of apps than what DSiWare and WiiWare offer now.

By the time the console arrives sometime in 2012, hopefully this app store will be up and running. So far, Nintendo has no comment, but if they are going to compete, I think they need to just do it and run with the idea.

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