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DoubleTap is the World’s Tiniest .45

 |  |  |  |  April 16, 2012

Looking for something tiny that can inflict some damage on your enemy and remain hidden in a secret place? DoubleTap is the firearm for you. This little .45 caliber pistol from Heizer Defense is the world’s smallest .45, measuring just 5.5″ long and 3.9″ tall.

It weighs just 12 or 14 ounces depending on whether you get it in aluminum or titanium. The only drawback of being so small is that it holds just two bullets in the over-and-under barrels and another two in the handle. Still, if you are a good shot, that’s more than you’ll need.


For being the world’s smallest .45 it is surprisingly affordable at just $500(USD) for the aluminum version and $700 for the titanium version. But are your hands small enough to use it effectively?

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